News RSS page en This is a news rss page description Comment Luv is Now Installed on SEO Tipss Have you ever seen comments in love and talking to each other? Freaky! but its really true now with Comment Luv Plugin in WordPress.

The concept behind this idea is that to combine the posts together wherever the Comment Luv plugin is installed and will allow commentators to see the last posts where they left comments. Sounds cool!

This plugin allows users to see the last posts where they have been leaving comments and allowing them to jump on those posts to comment again. ThisComment Luv Plugin plugin actually interacts blog posts with each other which looks like they are in love and suggesting each others to comment on. This feature encourages users to then leave their valuable comments to other blog posts which enhances traffic of all the blogs visitors jump on for commenting.

This plugin can be installed very easily in WordPress, Blogspot and blogger blogs. With the use of Comment Luv plugin, you will find many related blogs, tweets and diggs from other blogs and within your blog.

As an SEO professional, one of my SEO Tips is always demonstrating the significance of enhancing social interaction with the fellow commentators which you will also find in my next upcoming post about the “New SEO ResponsibilitiesTraffic By Comment Luv Defined for 2011″. The use of this plugin is said to have a positive effect on the website traffic which is not yet proved but according to the SEO guides available online about Comment Luv plugin do show a spark in this great plugin.

WordPress SEO Plugins ToolKit WordPress has become a household name for seasoned as well as casual bloggers all over the world. It is synonymous to Harley Davidson in the biking industry. However, from time to time, the plug-ins keep on changing with the search algorithms revised. The idea of writing this post is to let you have a glimpse of the necessary plug-ins that you need to have a fully SEO optimized WordPress blog without having the need to depend on the so-called SEO experts. Let us have a look at them.

Google XML Sitemap

Sitemaps are files that are generated by software to arrange all the URLs on your site into a map. This is also known as site mapping. If your site does not have a proper sitemap, search engine won’t be able to find all the content on your site comfortably, which would mean that your site might not get displayed for important searches on content that your site has but it isn’t traceable by a search engine bot. This plug-in will not only generate a sitemap but also help you conveniently keep track of all things happening on your site through Google Webmaster tool.

All in one SEOSEO Tips and WordPress

This is a very important plug-in, in which all the SEO tips and strategies related to onsite SEO, are implemented. All in one SEO is a valuable plug-in which helps you customize the look of the snippets of every blog post that you are writing, in the search engine. By controlling the visibility of your blog post, you can increase the likelihood of more people clicking on your site.

Remember that when your site gets displayed in search engine results, it is competing with many other sites. It is silently competing with other websites through the words, to get a click on it. It won’t be clicked if the snippet describing the post is not interesting enough. Without this plug-in, the post will generate its own snippet, which may not be that attractive and unable to gain more clicks.

SEO Ranker Report

This is a cool SEO plug-in that once installed will keep a track of certain keywords on your blog. This keyword tool will even notify you when certain keywords are changing their positions in search engine rankings. This can be a gold mine of information for SEOs who are looking to revise content and don’t know which content to write in order to boost their rankings. This will also reduce the workload as you won’t have to actively pursue position of all the keywords that you are targeting.

SEO Content ControlSEO Friendly Blogger

When we as bloggers are putting content on our blogs in bulk in order to gain top rankings, we often times forget that we might have put some weak content which may negatively be affecting our rankings. Install SEO content control today in the WordPress and you can have a complete Content Audit of your site done without any Content Writing Expert involved within no time. This extra tweaking of your content will obviously help you kick your site up and bring back the rankings you have been longing for.

SEO Friendly Image

Images have often been neglected in SEO since long and it’s time to get the concept in the race of the internet marketing world. We often think that the images don’t need to be SEO optimized, but with specialized searches for images only, we can no longer neglect this part of SEO. We might think that we are putting in just the right keywords for alt tags and title attributes, but what if these keywords change (which they do) the ranks of your business website in search monsters. According to various SEO tips, this plug-in will automatically detect any such changes and update the titles and alt tags of the images by itself to make the images more optimized.

Importance of SEO for WordPressSEO in WordPress

There is no doubt about the fact that WordPress is SEO optimized CMS for blogging but still, with the stringent requirements of the search engines, you need to stay ahead of the competition. With additional SEO plug-ins installed, you cannot only manage your SEO workload more efficiently but also ensure that all the blog posts that you are about to publish or have published in the past, have the maximum impact in terms of SEO and search engine visibility.

SEO Tips for Redesigning a Website for Easy Google Crawl It’s a long time that I didn’t shared a SEO tip with you guys, so here goes a tiny effort from me today about the website redesigningphenomena which is actually related to the onsite SEO technique in making the website cheesier and easier for search monsters like Google, Bing and Yahoo to extract the valuable data from your website.

I always believed in taking risks and doing experiments on few of the website pages regardingGoogle Bot changing design, manipulating onsite factors to see the results and effects but unfortunately my hands were cuffed with limitations as an SEO. So here is the proof by the visual of Matt Cutts as well as he also agrees to test few pages regarding redesigning and onsite SEO factors.

A question was put on to Matt regarding redesigning the web page and doing redirects to existing pages, really affects the search engine rankings? I agree to Matt that according to the search engine, if you are redirecting the page to new one or redesigning it, it is expected that the new page would be of more good quality due to which the ranks may maintain or may climb ladder to better rankings.

But the other side of the mirror is really going to be bad if the new page isn’t of the good qualityWebsite Redesigning SEO Tips especially for search engines. If a search engine bot feels hurdles in extracting the valuable data from your page then, the ranks may fall to earth. As an SEO tip of lucky Wednesday, it is preferred to analyze carefully the design and content of the new page. Put yourself in the shoes of search engine bots and users, and then analyze what are pros, cons and what new things to be applied to make the page more sparkle in the eyes of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Always do the changes one by one on your few pages to see the affects in rankings in search results because if both of the redesigning strategies will be implemented then it will be much difficult to know due to which factor the page went up or down in the search results.

A design can do a lot for your website, even more than gaining incoming links for the website. A good quality design is always readable, attractive and easily understandable by the users and search bots. You may try the multi-variant test in the Google website optimizer.

3 Thunder Lightening SEO Tips to Get Traffic Flood to Your Website It’s about time I haven’t updated you guys with the SEO tips due to the wonderful contributions being done by the guest members and still more are coming in to add value to with their contributions. Today I just got hold of the 3 main tips to share which are still in race of doing remarkable SEO and can become a cause of traffic flood towards your website.

Lets strike the thunder lightening SEO tips one by one:

In Depth Research and Analysis of Keyword

It is the most initial stage which decides whether your website will get traffic and ranks or it may fail as a cripple. It is where an SEO needs to think like as an internet marketer rather applyingSEO Keyword Analysis conventional keyword analysis. Ask yourself what is your website about? What is your nature of business? Brainstorm as many related keywords as you can and hop on to the Google Keyword Tool for further in depth analysis. Paste all the keywords in the keyword tool and let the tool do the job for you. Remember; always target a long tail keyword because a keyword is a genuine keyword which consists 2 or more words. Analyze the traffic against all keywords, analyze the competition level against the keywords which describes the intensity of others investing in organic and paid search results, analyze the global searches, analyze local searches and the CPC(Cost per Click).

The keywords are still not finalized yet, just screened so hop on to Google insight after selecting your keywords and analyze the target market of yours, target audience, target regions, etc which give you a hawk eye view that which keywords have more potential in perusing further in your target market. The keyword must deliver some meaning to visitors and people must cater the need of online audience.

Investing in PPC (Pay Per Click)

Here comes the 2nd thunder of Search engine marketing and it’s about paying per click advertising. It comes under Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies which also brings loads of traffic guaranteed from the search engines. It’s a paid advertising campaign running allowing you to manipulate as many times as you want and create an ad for the visitors according to Google guidelines. Catchy title, pursuing description and a good optimized landing page. Make your ad as WOW as you can and optimize it according to the keyword. Create campaigns, add ad groups, create impressive ads and set a bid according to Google suggestion and get your ad eligible for top 3 positions in the paid results. Believe me, it takes some heavy investment but if your ad is in top 3 positions, then your website will get flooded by visitors.

Video Marketing

The last thunder blazing SEO tips are for doing marketing via videos which is in today’s world the most effective. Videos are really liked by Google and good videos are always endorsed by people. Start with a creative idea and build your short videos. Optimize your video with related keywords in the title, description and tags. Now search for popular video sharing websites like You Tube and share the video there for users. Video marketing is the latest trend in viral marketing strategy for an SEO and it really brings loads of traffic which pull more visitors towards the website if the video is catchy and interesting.

Stop Banging Head for Back Links, Use SEO Tips to Connect People It is seen as yet, many companies having SEOs on the job of promoting their websites; look for SEO Tips Backlinksrelevant websites to get back links from. It’s a conventional way or SEO Tips of getting links and it may be due to the company requirements or due to lack of SEO guides or skills that personnel has. One must always look for cut throat SEO ideas and SEO techniques to get more qualitative links from credible websites or may be from connecting people. Amazed? Well, yes it is now seen that building public and business relations is now a part of SEO Tips of 2011 in order to get good links.

Searching for relevant websites, extracting emails that may or may not work, doing a trade linking within the 2 parties is a long tiring procedure to follow and at the end you are left with bargaining for positioning of your link on that website. Well in my SEO guide, being a professional SEO isn’t to be a beggar, asking for links or bargaining but websites and businesses should link back automatically due to your work.

Why not put yourself on a slog mode. Hit sixes as much as you can by increasing the ROI of the company and getting quality back links with fewer efforts in connecting people. Let me guide you the way to search for the people for connecting that may help you in doing SEO slog for the website:

Step1: Search People

Instead of searching for relevant websites, search for relevant journalists, blog contributors, relevant community members, social networking or people with many connections in their social networks.

Step2: Following & Contributing

Following their contributions and discussions is the key to get them engaged with you and communicate. Follow wherever they may contribute to like in blogs, forums, communities, discussion boards etc. this would make a virtual connection of that person with the SEO professional.

Step3: Building Public Relation

If the SEO gets successful in communicating with the person and connected to him/her then it is easy to identify the needs and wants of that person. Building something eye catching and informative for that person who will build strong bond between both the parties then it means the target of an SEO is set and ready to be on slog mode.

Step3: Deliver the Idea

Sharing that information or page created especially for them is to be delivered; so that they visit the page offered and browses it for their concerns. Everything on the information shared should have meaning and should make sense for the person. The content being shared is to have appropriate links, keywords, and quality content.

Benefits of SEO Slog via Public RelationsSEO Tips Benefits

Progressive Link Building by sharing content to the connected people and requesting it to share with the social network. As many places the content will be shared, the back links will increase. Likes by people for the content will automatically raise ranks in search engines due to the endorsement being done by many people. Authentication and genuine content or information sharing is the key to success as it would gain attention by many people; brand awareness will be shared, and will be shared in the social circle. If the content shared is valuable for users and interesting then an SEO has just to relax and see the slogging being done i.e people would share your content automatically in social media and other network sites. Adding more valuable content to connected people attached links in the content will increase ranks, credibility and ROI of the main business website.

Website SEO Strategies That You Must Know The two main things you must know around SEO right away:

The algorithms that Google and other search engine uses will always be changing.

You will need SEO to reach your goals on the internet.

Until you want to place all the money in that is required to create a go of it, you have to be certain you have employed the best individual to assist you out including a skilled content writer and generally the right freelance web designer as well. Those individuals will be able to assist you to come up with an excellent Search Engine Optimization strategy that is created only for your web business to suit your requirements and there are some secrets of the pros they will be able to assist you to put into action the tactics.

1. Distributing the right articles

is generally a great benefit because the Google search crawlers are always crawling around syndication websites and that will help you with your web site position as well as the appropriate visitors to your website. Make no blunder, your articles have to be well written and informative; any type of certain ad duplicate for self-promotion will probably be captured quickly by the individuals which monitors the websites. It is all about getting high quality, informative and putting the best back links in the useful resource area at the bottom of the website.

2. The appropriate Keywords and phrases for Website.

It is important to remember you will need keywords and phrases since they are the most important part of any search engine optimization strategy, but selecting generalized ones like ‘real estate’ and ‘internet marketing’ is not going to bring you the type of conversion rates you will want. It is important to find the right kind of individuals who understand how to research the specific keywords and keyword phrases that will do the most effective in your specialized niche. You might not get as much visits with the right keywords but you will get a greater conversion rate because the people looking for your particular products and professional services will be directed to your site.

3. Internal Links.

Keep in mind that while your navigational framework should include a link having a keyword phrase, it’s also suggested that you utilize the same keyword phrases to link internally within your website. You will get a better ranking because the suitable anchor-text is being used. Many times people either overlook this task or really don’t think getting links inside your pages is advantageous.

4. Keep close track of the Analytics.

Keep in mind that it is important to observe how well you are doing constantly. Make sure you find a company who knows how to use analytics to assess how well you are doing and then change at the appropriate interval.

It’s crucial to consider that Google is constantly blending up the ingredients you will need to get a good page rank so it’s always a smart idea to use an Internet website marketing company who has great content writing as a foundation of their business. It’s also crucial that you maintain a cautious eye out for those providers that commit to a website one ranking in a short period of time. An excellent Search engine optimization plan requires many weeks to exhibit outcomes.

Fishing for Back Links, Get Link Baits Catching link bait or getting a website to link to you on their pages. Now you don’t need to pay for buying one way links. It is the time to start utilizing link baits. Generally, link bait is creating a high quality content for your website that gets featured by other websites, and they place your website link to your content.

It can be very difficult to catch link bait, and you need to push hard to get one. This blog post will guide you how you can catch the link bait easily.

News, Information, Latest Technology and Interviews

There are latest product developments such as Apple Ipad or Iphone 4. There was a blog post about the launch of Apple Ipad and Iphone 4, both get featured and the post attracted links from different famous websites like Technorati and other websites.

Political news, Sports news, cultural news and latest information are always attracted by different sources. Even the famous news from third world countries is featured on famous websites.

Interviews with famous people or even with bloggers hit the mark. You can find famous bloggers and interview them about their success stories. These interviews mostly get featured in different blogs.

Amazing Pictures

There are several photo blogs that post funny, shocking and unseen pictures. These pictures are picked up by various websites later on. It is the best idea to share your unique pictures to get link bait.

Attractive Titles

If you can make attractive titles, probably you can generate link baits. Usually how to, product reviews, few tips and guides can generate link baits. You can also make the titles attractive by adding crisp in your title, for example “5 easy ways to attract link baits” or “top 10 tips to rank high in search engines”. You can furthermore try some link bait generators available online.

Hours of Research

When you plan to attract link baits, you need to research your topic and spend hours in researching for information and ideas. These days even if you do a little bit of research, it will pay you off. The best way to research is Google through various keywords and read what other blogs have to offer and if there is anything they forgot to mention. You can catch the missing point to your advantage. The success behind link bait is a good research for ideas.

Original Content

You need to write original content to get link bait not even re-written content. If you are re-writing from some article, make sure that you just get the idea from that article not the whole story. If you are using some software to spin the content, then it will not get you the link bait because content generated by the software are not edible.

The bottom line is to do your research and write something good and try to make the content read well.

SEO Tips for Mobile Devices and iPad Technology Using mobile phones and gadgets is a trend now which has opened ways for SEOs to jump in and capture the share of the World Wide Web. SEO tips and tricks are different for mobile devices as they act totally different from the websites, unlike our desktop and laptops.

Have you ever noticed; some popular sites like facebook, twitter and other bigger websites have mobile versions? Why is that so? What the needMobile SEO Tip is of created a mobile version of the website? Well, the world is coming from the websites to the cell phones. People are jumping towards the GPRS world and accessing the websites through their cell phones. So, how will an SEO caters this trend?

Here are some amazing SEO tips which can unveil some paths to think out of the box regarding optimizing your websites according to the cell phones and gadgets and it will also provide tips to stabilize your website easily to make it accessible without any halts or breaks.

Why to Opt SEO tips for Mobile Devices?

Just like increase in the popularity of mobile devices and the trend of people hoping towards mobile websites, SEO tips are becoming equally demanding today. Offices are not only based on desktop computers but the staff members are massively using iPad or tablets as they are now allowed to work from homes for remote access. According to a recent statistics provided on using iPad and other tablets in offices, more than 65% of the staff uses these tablets. Also due to the advancements of technology, new offices and old offices are now looking forward to use new devices as there are amazing office apps in these devices which make corporate life easier and accessible. But websites for such devices are worthless without SEO tips and tricks.

SEO Tips for iPad

Here are few SEO tips for iPad which are really effective and are recommended by many SEO professionals:

Knowing the Website StatsIpad SEO Tips

With the statistical data of your website you would be able to know the percentage of visitors visiting your website from desktop computers, android, iPhone, iPad or tablets etc. Once you know the monthly statistical data of your website visitors, you can know the audience and the pages that they jump onto with interest. Set up Google analytical service for your website that will trace the number of visitors coming from different devices.

You can easily observe the activity of your mobile visitors, and the search keywords which are being searched the most via cell phones or gadgets. From the Google analytical service you will also know the poor results by some mobile devices visiting your website and as a SEO I would recommend to focus on those weaknesses.

Optimizing the Mobile Landing Pages

Here is another useful and highly applicable SEO tip and that is despite of working on the whole website for the mobile devices your main focus should be on the mobile landing pages of the website. Save your money and invest in optimizing the landing pages to promote them on the web to cater maximum share of the web and generate leads.

Boost up Your Social Visibility on Cell Phones and Tablets

Most of the SEOs talk about the right use of keywords for mobile SEO Strategies, well, social network devices like facebook, twitter etc, these social network sites are highly credible to search engines and on the internet via desktop or mobile devices android, iPhone, iPad or tablets.

Content Optimization Tips

The content of your website must be shared on these social network sites which should be of value and must be of unique quality. It must be easily accessible and shared to make sure that you have a safer content which can easily be shared and accessed. Confusing? content should be of the type that people get obsessed with that or in other words fell in love with it. For that reason you must have the right social network buttons like twitter, Gsoogle plus one and facebook like buttons hanging on your mobile website.

So these were a few but highly applicable and recommended SEO tips for mobile devices and tablets to get started with and I hope you enjoy reading this post.]]>
Ranking Safe in Top SERPs SERP means search engine result pages and when we say SERPs it means all the visible results related to the keyword we type to search on any search monster. All the websites want to rank safe and at top SERP due to which an SEO is hired or people consult various resources on the web to be updated. That is why is considered to be the life savers for websites and blogs.

However there are a few very impressive and applicable SEO tips by top class and experienced SEOs which are as follows and will definitely ensure success in terms of high rank and safe in SERPs boosting up the sales and traffic of your website.

Selecting an Appropriate Keyword Based Domain Name

When selecting a domain name you must keep in mind, about your website theme because a domain name have some significance in getting ranks in SERP. Curious to know more? Let’s get on with it then. If your domain name contains the targeted keywords, then the search engine clearly identifies your business and boosts up the ranks in the search results. Also all the domain name has specific TLDs as different countries has different TLDs which helps search engines to rank the website or blog in the particular regional search engine or for the particular audience.

That’s why it is said carefully select a domain name as it has a greater impact on your rankings and avoid long domain names which have extra characters as they are not at all user friendly or may have less importance.<.p>

Gaining Unique Visitors

The bounce rates were not given much importance by the conventional SEOs but now it is believed that the quality content signals rely on the bounce rates which mean gaining more and more unique visitors who really stay and browse the website of yours. The longer a visitor stays on your website the better because it enhances the probability of earning from it. Reducing a website’s bounce rate is the best option which can be done via quality informative content, attractive action buttons, offerings and more.

Content Optimization and Keyword Enrichment

Always remember that the search engines are always looking for high quality and fresh content. The content should have value adding content that delivers take away knowledge to readers and use targeted keywords with appropriate density.

For that reason high quality content must have: Unique content which is not copied or duplicate.SEO Tips for Content Proper selection of key words targeted. Something original and useful for the user. Fresh content is preferred by the search engines. A content which is properly checked before posting also free of grammar mistakes. The post or the content must have standard word count which ranges from (350,400,450,500,550,600,650,700,750 and so on words up to 1000) The content must not have abusive words or the use of abusive language must not be there in the content.

Becoming Socially Active and Brand

Being a brand sounds awesome. Isn’t it? Well, that’s what another SEO tip is about. One way to spread the news of your website is by placing social media action buttons for sharing. The social media buttons like facebook twitter effects a lot and are recommended by major search monsters like Google, Bing and YouTube etc.

As facebook and twitter are the most widely used social network site and they use special algorithms to see which page is more popular or liked by the users. If you want to share a video or a specific content, these social media buttons are there and by just clicking these buttons one can easily share the content on twitter and face book or mores sites.

So my point is using of these social buttons will definitely help the search engine to find your blog or website on the social media sites and surely they will rank the website on the website on the basis of its credibility and popularity as a brand.]]>
Appealing Google Plus1 Feature Unveils Dark Side for SEO As we all know about and enjoy the new feature of Google +1, it is till yet considered to be amazing feature of Google. As an SEO, we understand the concept and logics involved behind this great button which represents the best quality information or website liked by how many users online. Today I will show you the other side of this amazing tool which seems to be so catchy but on the other hand the excessive usage of this +1 button have a very horrifying face which made me bite my nails as well.

This SEO News just broke pout yesterday when Kenneth C. Wisnefski challenged this +1 button byGoogle Plus 1 and Panda giving a very sensible logic about its illegal usage in SEO firms. Well that’s even opened my brain as well, that this is really true because as an SEO professional, I also provide my readers with the SEO tips for using this Google +1 button effectively. It is understood that Google +1 button is acting the same as the buttons of Facebook’s “Like” and Twitter’s “Tweet” but the difference is that, Google is preferring to facilitate the websites who gets more hits on +1 button effecting their search results visibility.

Sounds cool but it isn’t! As Google Panda was introduced to control the content farming being produced by many SEOs, simultaneously getting excessive hits on +1 button is definitely is going to be the next strategy of SEO. Right? Well there is a huge difference in getting natural hits VS the unnatural hits. I have done a bit research on this issue and found that many SEOs are really acting upon this unnatural SEO strategy of getting +1 hits to make their website more visible in the SERPs. This is called click farms in other words and many SEO firms are implementing this strategy. It made me surprised too!

It is also proved that getting clicks on +1 button on the Google ads, effects positively on the PPC (PayPPC and Google Plus 1 Button Per Click) campaigns. I think Google algorithm is so clever that it does actually knows about such unnatural clicks, ultimately which effects negatively on the website for which SEO is being done. Due to unnatural clicks of Google +1 button the website may get penalty, lose reputation on the internet and even can be kicked to the last pages of search results.

I would recommend for SEOs to re-strategize their SEO plans and try to get as natural clicks as they can as natural +1 hit are of more value than click farming. Click farming is a black hat practice and I would prefer to avoid such practice while implement ting on client’s website.