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One set of flea markets you will want to be sure to check out while you are near the Annex Markets. Both in the burbs and in the luxury districts. They include the Antiques Garage Byron Jones Color Rush Jersey , the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market, and the West 25th Street Market. Time Out New York refers to these markets as the "Best Markets in New York," but this is something that you may want to judge for yourself. The scoop on the markets is available at http: , which provides details for which vendors are where as well as special events associated with the markets.

Whether you're hunting antiques or simply something out of the ordinary, bring an appetite. New York's food trucks have it made in the shade because they have figured out that the crowds from Saturday 9 am - 6 pm are a booming business Maliek Collins Color Rush Jersey , providing tacitos and gourmet fare alike for flea market browsers until the markets finally empty out. You can take the opportunity to blend your bargain hunting with a tasting feast, maximizing a short day out on the town.

The GreenFlea Market is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, though it's not where it normally is. It now nestles in on Columbus Avenue between 76th & 77th, maintaining a year-round Sunday market schedule. The market is actually owned by two school groups and the NYC Council on the Environment, which also operates the Union Square Farmer's Market Jaylon Smith Color Rush Jersey , and has raised more than $4,000,000 for educational purposes over the years. You'll feel like a do-gooder as you browse the wares, snapping up custom contemporary jewelry, handmade candles Xavier Woods Color Rush Jersey , intricate embroideries, and couture creations (more details at ).

Brownstoner's Brooklyn Flea manages to be a place to find culture and flare as well as a good shopping time. After all, how many flea markets have you been too that have their own live music and DJs or gourmet lobster rolls? Of course, if you're interested in making the trip, you have to choose your location first - the Brooklyn Flea operates in a Saturday and a Sunday spot to keep the market going for most of the year (see http: for location details). Vendors range from household antiques to homemade beauty specialists Jourdan Lewis Color Rush Jersey , with a touch of everything in between. Interestingly, the Brooklyn Flea has also been named as a top pick-up spot for new relationships, which if nothing else ensures that attendees will be chatty all day long.

It doesn't matter if you choose to roam while you are in New York City, these markets will ensure that you see a side of New York that you have never seen. For odd sights, odder goods Chidobe Awuzie Color Rush Jersey , and special treasures, take a weekend moment to visit one of the city's fun flea markets whether you are in the burbs, or New York's Luxury Condo Districts.

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The Boko Haram fighters invaded Bajoga around 5 am local time while Muslim worshippers were concluding their usual early morning prayers.


A security source told Xinhua that the gunmen entered the town in a number of Toyota Hilux vans and started shooting on arrival, forcing residents to either remain indoors or flee into the bush for their lives.


The source said the Divisional Police Headquarters and Police Area Command at Bajoga as well as one of the banks were attacked and destroyed.


A Xinhua reporter in the state said security agents engaged the Boko Haram fighters in a gun battle for about three hours before eventually repelling them.


The terrorists were said to have retracted and headed for Ashaka, another town in Funakaye local government which they equally attacked on Oct. 30 and injured a policeman in the process.


State police spokesperson Fwaje Atajiri said normalcy had been restored in the affected areas.


Boko Haram, which has proved to be a major security threat in Nigeria since 2009 Connor Williams Color Rush Jersey , seeks to enshrine the Islamic Sharia law in the constitution of Africa's most populous country.


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